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Baby Billy


(Fawn/Blue male, black mask): Baby Billy is a sweet soul who enjoys playing with his siblings. His gentle nature and love for games make him an adorable family companion. His unique fawn and blue coat, accented by a black mask, adds to his charm. With Baby Billy, you'll find a loving friend who's eager to become a part of your family.
Price: $3,000


(Sable female): June, the only female in the litter, is a spirited girl who keeps pace with her brothers with ease. Her sable coat is as beautiful as her personality. If you're looking for a cuddly and sweet companion, June is the one for you. Her warmth and love are sure to melt your heart. 



(Black Brindle male): Cash is a loving black brindle male who may appear shy at first but quickly warms up. His affectionate nature and enjoyment in playing with his siblings make him a delightful addition to any home. Cash embodies the essence of a French bulldog, and his lovable personality is sure to win you over.

Price: $4,800



(Sable male): Bear, the largest of the litter, is true to his name. His sable coat and substantial size give him a teddy bear-like appearance. Bear's love for playing with toys and his cuddly nature make him an irresistible friend. If you want a companion who's both playful and affectionate, Bear is your perfect match.

Price: $3,000


Black/Brindle male): Outlaw is a bundle of energy and joy. His love for play and excitement is contagious, and his black and brindle coat adds to his appeal. Outlaw's energetic personality and good behavior make him an ideal companion for those seeking an active and fun-loving friend.

Price: $3,000


(Sable male): Yogi, a sable male with a unique coat and large ears, carries a resemblance to the famous Yogi Bear. His shy personality requires a gentle and understanding touch, but once he warms up, his lovable nature shines through. Yogi's large ears and distinctive appearance make him an endearing friend. If you're looking for a companion who will grow to trust and love you deeply, Yogi's gentle soul is sure to fit perfectly in a caring and loving home.

Price: $5,000

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